About Global Open Learning Foundation

The Global Open Learning Foundation (GOLF) is a charitable organization which is established with the purpose of providing equal educational and wellbeing opportunities for all communities in Malaysia and globally, especially the underprivileged groups.

The foundation is committed to provide scholarships to deserving students to study tertiary education, by collaborating with the International Open University in the Gambia, which offers completely online and affordable degree programs. Some of the collaborated projects with the university would be the 1 Million African Scholarship (1MAS), refugee scholarships, learning centers building and educational translation works.

Further, the foundation will also be collaborating with local partners such as schools, NGOs, governmental sectors, crowdfunding and zakah/sadaqah management platforms, to raise educational assistance funds for deserving communities locally and internationally.

Vision & Mission



GOLF aspires to create hope and value for all communities globally, at the same time release the underprivileged from poverty and hardships, all through quality and affordable education and wellbeing services.



GOLF is committed to provide easy access to offline and online education and wellbeing services for all deserving individuals through financial support.

Board of Trustees


Mr. Muhammad Safwan Ibrahim


Mr. Bilal Abdullah


Collaborators and Partners


The Global Open Learning Foundation had signed a partnership agreement with the International Open University from The Gambia.